The birth of ThPROFILEe Urban Vegan Kitchen
Hello and welcome to The Urban Vegan Kitchen!
Trying to live a healthy and happy vegan life, while being a stay at hum mum to 3 small children was difficult.  I found 100’s of great looking recipes that I wanted to try, that was never the problem.  The problem was that some of the ingredients these recipes called for seemed more illusive than Unicorn poop!  I live in a large city in the UK, but there aren’t many shops close at hand specialising in vegan food.  I have a local Fruit & Veg shop and a large chain Supermarket.  If I can’t find ingredients there then I can’t use them.  I simply don’t have the time or the will power to drag three under-18month olds around the city on a quest to find Molasses, Kombu, Miso, Kombucha and so on.  I’m sure some of the ingredients I see listed in recipes don’t even exist, and it’s a trick someone is playing on us!
I decided that if I was ever going to have a chance of cooking delicious meals for my family that were suitable for a vegan diet I needed to create my own, and The Urban Vegan Kitchen was born.
Here you will find fresh, simple, home-coocked meals that don’t cost the earth and won’t send you into a nervous break-down trying to track down the ingredients.  So take a look, get some ideas and enjoy!

About the Author
Born and raised in Kingston Upon Hull in the UK, I have always had a passion for food, although mainly eating it!
At the age of 9 I became a vegetarian, which I stayed until 15.  I then decided this wasn’t enough and so became a vegan for a year before I rebelled against myself and went back to meat.  Fast forward a few years (or 13!) and after many stints of going backwards and forwards between vegetarianism I decided to take the plunge and become 100% vegan again.
The decision to start a vegan diet and lifestyle again was taken for many reasons. The enormous health benefits a meat and dairy free brings was an important factor.  But also since I became a mum I have become a different person.  I feel a lot more deeply and passionately about ending cruelty to animals and I don’t believe we, as humans, have any right to take and kill defenceless animals for our food.

I live in a modest home with my Partner Chris, and our 3 children, twin toddlers Lincoln & Zachary and baby girl Tabitha.
I am a firm believer in Attachment Parenting, which includes Breastfeeding, Baby-wearing, and Co-sleeping.  You can read more of this at my personal blog – Urban Mamas Daydreams.

I’m a very creative person, although since having chidren this has taken a back seat.  With this blog I hope to change this.  I love to write, take photographs, be inventive, explore new flavours and do various craft projects.
While this blog is mainly for vegan recipes there will also be various other vegan tips that pop up from time and if I get the chance there may be the odd crafts for person and home.

~ Beth

Please note that all photographs on this blog have been taken by Bethney D’Arcy unless otherwise stated, and should not be copied in any way without prior consent.


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