Welcome to my new blog

Hello and welcome!

After having 3 babies in the space of 2 years I have to admit I became a lazy cook and eater. My life revolves around babies and finding the time to eat a healthy diet has never been a priority for me. My boys eat a good balanced diet, but I don’t want them to grow up seeing their mum eating junk.  Nor do I want my children to grow up seeing me battle with weight issues, or go on the many fad diets that are out there.

I want us all to eat a healthy, balanced, home cooked menu, and sit as a family to eat.  Mealtimes should be an important time of the day, a time when the full family sits down, talks, and enjoys each others company and a lovely meal!

So these are my goals:

  • Buy a big enough dining table for us all to sit round. Luckily this isn’t an issue at present as the boys are still in high chairs and Tabitha is still breastfed.  But it won’t be long before we’re all sat together.
  • Start cooking meals from scratch every night.
  • Use fresh and were possible organic ingredients
  • Make meals that we can all enjoy together, instead of cooking separately for Lincoln & Zachary.
  • Eat and live a full Vegan lifestyle.  I won’t force Chris or the children to be Vegan, but I will try to make meals for us all were they can either eat the same as me or have some meat on the side, so the main part of the meal is all cooked together.
  • Become a better cook.
  • Take over the main cooking duties from Chris.  I’m so lucky that at the minute Chris does a lot of the cooking, but as Tabitha gets older it should be easier for me to slip away to the kitchen and get things done.

The main purpose of this blog is to keep a record of recipes and meal ideas, and hopefully inspire other people to follow a Vegan lifestyle.  There may also be other Vegan related content on here.

I want to show that being Vegan doesn’t mean you need to live off lettuce leaves, but that you can enjoy good, home cooked, family meals :-)

In an ideal world I would love to cook fresh food every day, but I am also realistic.  I live in a busy household and sometimes I will need to use packets, tins, frozen, anything to make a quick a meal.  Sometimes I won’t have the chance to get to the Grocery shop and so will just have to use whatever is in the kitchen cupboards.  Sometimes I’ll have a screaming baby in the sling and the last thing I’ll have time for is to spend hours in the kitchen.  Sometimes my meals won’t be the absolute healthiest, or I’ll make too many deserts or cakes.  But they will all be Vegan, all be delicious and enjoyed by all of the family :-)


3 thoughts on “Welcome to my new blog

  1. Awesome! Such great goals. I can’t wait to follow your story and see how it all pans out. I’m a nanny and want to start posting more kid friendly things so I’ll for sure be checking your page to see what you come up with! Once I read that veganism is a journey not a destination…so true. Who cares if 100% of your meals are not 100% healthy. If I only ate super healthy things everyday I’d never want to be vegan!

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